How to remove ratings from your local business Facebook page in 2016?


Getting good reviews is hard, for the unhappy customer, bad reviews are an increasingly popular way to let off some steam.

If you have a local business Facebook page and your ratings are not as high as you might like, you might want to remove the Facebook places feature, and work on your business.

Personally, I think one should take the reviews seriously, work on one’s business and try to make your customers happy. Reviews are a good chance to get some actionable feedback.

But there are cases when you might want to disable the reviews box. Unfortunately, there is no way you can do that in Facebook backend.

So how to get rid of the ratings & reviews box?

First, change you page category. Instead of your business being categorized as “Local business”, switchover, for example, to “Companies & Organizations: Retail and Consumer Merchandise” Second, remove your address. Facebook then asks if you also want to remove the check-ins and reviews. Finally, add the address again. And now if you want, you can switch back to “Local business”, so Facebook shows your address.

That’s it, the review box is gone!